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Photo of a basement with water on the floor

Storm Season Is Creeping Upon Us

Not only are we dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are fast approaching the Storm and Tornado Season here in Troy and Madison Heights, MI.  During this time, when we still have freezing weather, heavy rain and storm flooding occurs.  When the water wont stop it can seep into your home through the foundation or through your roof and helped out because of ice jams in your gutters.  SERVPRO of Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills can help you out when this happens, but you want to avoid this as much as possible.  Make sure you don't have ice jams and repair any leaky roof areas before the thaw and serious rain storms come barreling through.

Photo of a water damaged wall with growth

Mold can grow where you least expect it.

When too much wallpaper solution, or glue, is used when adhering your wallpaper, mold can grow over time.  This is what happened at a Senior Living Center in Troy, MI.  They were re-doing a few things inside the center.  When they wanted to paint this room and were removing the wallpaper, they noticed all of the mold on the walls.  SERVPRO of Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills came in and helped with the mold remediation. 

Classroom with water pooled on the floors

Burst Pipes Can Bring Serious Headaches Right Before School Starts

This is in Madison Heights, MI.  The Head of School went into the school over the weekend to pick up some things and wow did she ever get an unpleasant surprise.  Most of the classrooms were effected along with the teachers lounge.  Many school items and business documents were damaged, unfortunately. SERVPRO of Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills was able to help this school reopen quickly and ensured minimal impact to learning for the Madison Heights schools. 

A living room with severe fire damage to the floors, walls, and ceilings

Water Can Do Just As Much Damage

Even if your home didn't burn down, the damage caused by the water putting out the fire can destroy walls, flooring, and contents.  It's important to have good insurance, so please review your home owners policy with your agent.  This picture is from a fire loss in Troy, MI.  SERVPRO of Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills works to save as much as possible while ensuring we leave your home Like it Never Even Happened. 

A house fire being put out by a fire truck hose

Tragedy Strikes At The Worst Times

SERVPRO of Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills responded to this condo fire in Troy, MI.  Our client was on vacation and received a call from a family member telling her that her condo unit had a large fire.  Just when you think everything is ok with your home, disaster strikes at your neighbors home and you are now without a place to live and your personal belongings are ruined.  We are in the process of helping our client with any contents that can be saved, cleaned, and restored.  The condo is 100% affected and it's a very large loss. While we can't save everything in a loss like this, SERVPRO of Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills will provide a comprehensive inventory of all total-loss items so your insurance company can provide replacement value if you have the appropriate contents coverage. 

Electrical Fire

This is a picture of the damaged dryer in an Madison Heights, MI home.  Thankfully the fire was put out fairly quickly, but the smoke damage was pretty significant throughout the home.  We had a lot of cleaning to do, but we were very happy to help out!

Tons Of Rain Can Bring Tons Of Headaches

This was in a Bloomfield Hills, MI home.  The basement flooded after some serious thunderstorms and relentless rain came through.  The owner had some pretty fun things in the basement and they were OK, but the hardwood floors were destroyed, unfortunately.  

Ice Maker Water Line Does Damage

The water line for this ice maker broke and ran for hours when the home owner was out of town.  This was in a beautiful Birmingham, MI home and damaged the wood floors all over the first floor of the home.  Thankfully it wasn't "dirty water" and luckily the broken water line wasn't running for days.  We were happy to get there quickly and help out.

Disaster Hits Hard

This was an unfortunate incident.  This was a residence in Oakland County where the local police did a wellness check and found the owner of the home deceased.  There was 2 feet of water in the basement!  The water source was unknown when we pumped out the water, but ultimately the home was condemned.

Cooking Oil Spill

This cooking oil spill was in Troy, MI and with a nationally recognized franchise restaurant.  We received a direct call from them and helped out.  The commercial sized cooking oil container had an area where it was leaking and, wow, was it a mess!  Even the smallest spills can cause headaches.  We were very happy to have been able to help.

Getting Your Workplace Back In Order

We specialize in disaster cleanup and recovery.  Please call us when you are dealing with one.  You want to make sure all of the water is extracted and dried so no mold will grow.  Please call us, SERVPRO of North Oakland County! 


Commercial Water Damage

Whether it's at home or at work... water can do some major damage.  And, who better to call?  SERVPRO of North Oakland County!!  We're here to help you when you have water damage at home or at work.


Commercial Downtime is no good

This engineering contractor & architectural firm had to have all of it's files moved to the other half of their building in order for us to extract the 2 inches of water that covered their floor.  In Berkley, MI.

Toilets running over the weekend can do some damage

This was a business in Berkley, MI.  A urinal ran over the weekend, unnoticed and when Monday came around... Wow.  What a surprise!  Water was everywhere covering half of their building.  This was "clean" water, but still a very large mess.

Place where a fire started

This fire was in Birmingham, MI.  After the fire was started, the home sprinkler system was activated and the whole home had water and smoke damage.  Big loss, but we came through for the client.

Water is a killer

After Hurricane rains and wind, this place was drenched with water.  Mold eventually came too, but we got it all out!!  If you're dealing with water in your home or office after a storm, please call us today!  248-439-1160

Storms bring rain and rain brings damage

Here, after loads of rain that came through roof and windows, and after drying, we had to cut out the drywall for replacement.  Please call us today if you are dealing with something similar!  248-439-1160

Measuring Water

This was after Hurricane Irma in 2017.  This house was full of water.  Yikes!!  We have the equipment on hand that measures the water or moisture level in walls and flooring.  

Mold is your worst friend

If you can't contain mold early, you're in for a lot of trouble.  This was also on a new construction site, but we were able to remove the mold properly so that the contractors could move forward with their work.

Mold is insidious

Mold can get into any space.  If there is moisture and the right temperatures... look out.  This was also in North Oakland County, near Ferndale and Royal Oak.  Please call us today! 248-439-1160

New onsite construction mold

This was a condo being built in Oakland County and after a pause in the work, somehow mold spread very quickly.  We were able to contain the very large area, get the mold removed and cleaned so that they could finish.

Carpet is like a sponge

A pipe break on the 3rd floor effected the whole house.  Water went everywhere throughout the house including the basement here. All of the carpet was ruined.  Please call SERVPRO of North Oakland County today!  248-439-1160 

Water Everywhere

Water in the basement was over an inch high initially.  SERVPRO of North Oakland County came in and extracted the water, dried and disinfected the floors. Please call us today if you have something similar!  248-439-1160

Water Damage In Basement

This is in the basement of a home and water from the kitchen leaked into the basement.  The initial loss was from a water line that led into a refrigerator and the line became unfastened and leaked all over the kitchen floor.

Ornate Tiles Protected

We saved the ornate tiles for a client in Florida after Hurricane Irma came through.  Since the tiles weren't damaged, we were able to cover them properly and protect them while we worked on everything else.

Air Compressor = Fire

This air compressor caught fire and burned.  The home water extinguisher system was triggered and it saved the home from a complete burn, but the water and smoke damage and overall loss was severe!  

Commercial Mold In Walls

This is the finished look at a car dealership.  They had MOLD in a few of their walls after rain had leaked through their dealership ceiling.  We removed it no problem.  Call us today! 248-439-1160.

Ceiling Fell Through Because Of Bad AC Unit

This is the aftermath of a leaking AC unit above a client's bed.  SERVPRO of North Oakland County  came in and helped clean up the mess and fix the ceiling after the AC unit was replaced.

Damage From A Fallen Tree

When responding to a fallen tree and a water damage emergency, we begin with a detailed inspection of your home or property, including a damage assessment. At this stage, our professionals are trying to determine the scope of the damage so that we can develop an appropriate plan of action.

Grease Fire In The Kitchen

You can never be too careful when cooking in the kitchen.  This was a result from using a deep fryer in the kitchen, causing a pretty significant loss.  The kitchen was destroyed and the ensuing water and smoke damage was severe throughout the home.

Ceiling Damage From A Burst Pipe

This is a picture the foyer area of a home due to a water damage from the upstairs bathroom.  This burst pipe caused widespread damage throughout the home.  All ceilings and walls were effected.

Mold Found After Sump Pump Failure

Regardless of the "type" of MOLD you discover in your home or business, use caution. Many mold types cause irritation or allergens. Do not disturb or touch the MOLD. 

Please call SERVPRO of North Oakland County - 248.439.1160  Your Mold Remediation Experts!!

Commercial Business Interruption From Water Damage

Anytime your Business is interrupted with a Loss, whether it be from an overflowing urinal, ice maker water line, OR inclement weather that brings Wind, Rain and Flooding, you feel like there is a personal storm raging. The hours spent dealing with a loss means downtime, less productivity and loss of revenue. 

Call SERVPRO of North Oakland County - 248.439.1160

Fire Damage Causes A Lot Of Other Damage

When a fire damage happens, we recommended that you limit the foot traffic in the home to prevent soot particles from being transferred to areas of the home not effected with soot damage. This also helps prevent particles from embedded in the carpet. The use of clean towels or old linens on high traffic areas is very helpful as well.