What our Customers say...


I was remodeling in my condo and using a high end power tool when it overheated and caught on fire.  The fire was put out by my sprinkler system, but all levels of the condo were saturated with water and smoke covered walls.  This wasn’t was I was planning and was very upset.  SERVPRO of North Oakland County came in and did a great job cleaning up, drying and also the demolition.  What a mess, but I was very happy to have had them come in and help out.  Thank you!

The restaurant where I manage in Troy, MI had not had a thorough, professional cleaning in quite some time.  We called SERVPRO of North Oakland County because we heard that they did these types of cleanings.  We were impressed with the work they did.  All of the kitchen was cleaned, floors, walls, food prep areas, etc.  We were very happy with the result and would recommend them to other restaurants. 

We had water leaking into our basement after two stormy days of rain and we contacted SERVPRO or North Oakland County because our insurance agent direct us to do so.  It was a large mess and the carpet had to go, unfortunately.  They were great.  We appreciate the fast and clean work they did and would recommend them for sure.  Thank you for your help!

A little over a year ago, we had a significant water loss at our business in Berkley, MI.  A water main broke overnight in the storage access closet and when employees came in the next morning, the whole first floor of our office was covered with water.   Almost 13,000 square feet was affected.  We had already used SERVPRO of North Oakland County before this disaster, so we called them back in again.  A tremendous amount of work had to be done with moving furniture, office equipment, carpet removal and then drying.  They do great work and we will use them again if necessary.

I was Up North when I received the news from my daughter and son-in-law.  My condo was on fire and the cause wasn’t because of anything I did or didn’t do.  It was from my neighbors unit 3 doors down and it was an electrical source.  The fire damage was bad, but the water damage was worse.  SERVPRO of North Oakland County was there before the fire was extinguished!  A very heartbreaking and frustrating time. It still is.  Get good insurance, believe me.  Anyway, they were fast, thorough and very helpful. 5 Stars and would use them again.

I guess bad luck comes in waves.  We had our water line to our refrigerator come loose over night and we used SERVPRO of North Oakland County.  They were fantastic in helping out with all of them damage to the basement ceiling, carpet and flooring.  I highly recommend them.

As a realtor I’ve had my clients use SERVPRO of North Oakland County for mold remediation and water damage.  My clients were extremely happy with the work that was completed.  Perry and the SERVPRO team are fantastic to work with. Highly recommend.

One of our suites in an assisted living center for Senior Citizens was flooded because of a toilet that overflowed.  The resident didn’t realize it was continuing to run so the water spread throughout the room and hallway.  I am the Resident Director and we used SERVPRO for another issue stemming from a skylight that was leaking.  SERVPRO of North Oakland County was there quickly and they worked fast.  We like them a lot. 

Back in March we had a small fire in our kitchen and thank goodness it was put out quickly.  However, we did have smoke damage throughout the kitchen, living room, family room some bedrooms and hallways.  Our neighbor told us to contact SERVPRO of North Oakland County, so we did.  We were very happy with the results.  The smoke odor and dirty soot that seemed to cover everything was all cleaned up.  Thank you for your work.

This past April after some heavy rain, we had some water come into our school in Beverly Hills, MI.  The water came through an area directly below an area where there was damaged roof.  It affected two of our classrooms so we had to move the kids to another room which was fine.  We immediately contacted SERVPRO of North Oakland County and they came in and extracted the water and dried the wet carpet and floor.  Thankfully, we did not have to replace the carpet because it wasn’t standing too long and they were there so fast!  Thank you so much! 

The response time was outstanding and the service was top notch. There was 2 inches of water across the floor in an 800 sqf office area. Once on site they wasted no time extracting the water and getting the drying process started. Damage was kept to a minimum.

I am the maintenance/facilities manager at a Senior Assisted Living Center in Troy, MI.  Just recently, we had a skylight leaking all day and the water came down and flooded a 2nd floor common area. SERVPRO of North Oakland County was very helpful.  They were quick to come out and take care of the issue as well as being courteous to the residents, as this is there home.  Thank you!

Back in August we had a huge amount of water get in our basement after a huge rainfall. I'm an avid vinyl collector and the basement is where most of my collection is. I lost quite a few, unfortunately and probably would have lost more if it had not been for the people of SERVPRO of North Oakland County. They did a fantastic job with the relocation and storage of all our valuables and things in the basement that potentially could have been ruined for good. They did such an amazing job.

Thank you to Zach and his Team at SERVPRO of North Oakland County. The Birmingham, MI flood drains backed up and we had 1 inch of water throughout 60% of our basement. Within an hour SERVPRO had a team of 4 to our home and all the right equipment to keep damage to a minimum. Bless you all.

Had an emergency toilet overflow and did not notice until the next morning. SERVPRO of North Oakland County was there ASAP to resolve my issue.  We're very happy that we were able to get such great service.

Back in September of 2016 my house caught fire because of old wiring that arc'd in the attic area.  My house didn't burn down completely, but it was a terrible loss.  SERVPRO of North Oakland County was there for me and my family and they were a tremendous help all the way through.  I'm so thankful they were able to help me.

Our family was dealt with a huge blow back in September of 2016.  The home where I grew up almost burned down completely.  Thankfully no one was injured.  We contacted SERVPRO immediately and they were there at my mom’s in no time.  Dealing with a fire can take its toll on you mentally and physically.  There is so much to deal with that sometimes you don’t know where to start.  Well, SERVPRO of North Oakland County helped us out BIG time.  We’re so thankful we were directed to them.  Thanks again!

My mother’s home, my home growing up, almost burned down back in September of 2016. I’m writing this because I dealt with it personally even though I do not live there anymore.  It was my mother’s home and I grew up there.  We contacted SERVPRO of North Oakland County because a friend referred us to them.  Thankfully we made the right choice.  They were very, very helpful, compassionate and professional.  Thank you again!

So, back in February of 2016 we had a pipe burst and ultimately 2-3 inches of water in our basement. We reached out to SERVPRO of North Oakland County for emergency help and they replied immediately. Their team arrived within an hour to secure the basement and prevented the damage from getting a lot worse.  Thank you so much SERVPRO team, once again!  They were prompt and professional and I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Back in May we noticed mold in one spot of our basement.  We were about ready to have our home inspected because we were going to list it.  We called SERVPRO of North Oakland County to have them take a look and we're glad we did.  Not only was there mold in the one area, but it had spread to other areas behind drywall that we couldn't see.  Had they not found the other mold we would have been in trouble.  They saved us a lot of time and money.  Definitely recommend them!

We lived in Ferndale a few years back and when our basement flooded it caused quite the mess to our home. The very helpful and professional folks at SERVPRO of North Oakland County helped us tremendously.  Not only were they fast and efficient, they were just the nicest and most helpful staff.  It really made a difference.  And, they saved us a bundle, we thought we were going to have to pay an extraordinary amount of money to have the work done.  Thanks SERVPRO of North Oakland County!   You guys saved us big time!

Zach and his crew from SERVPRO of North Oakland County were really great.  Before we got married and before I moved in, my wife dealt with a severe water issue dealt from a storm. The crew arrived soon after she called them, which was late in the evening on a school night.  There was water gushing inside from our roof into the living room and they went to work right away. The crew assured her that everything would be handled with care and that they would take it from there.  Our expectations were achieved and they went above what we anticipated. Everything with our insurance went smooth as well. We would highly recommend SERVPRO of North Oakland County!

In July of 2017 I had an issue at my home and SERVPRO of North Oakland County helped out.  I have an old home and the AC unit is above my ceiling in my bedroom.  Well, it was leaking for an extended period of time and ultimately the water affected the ceiling dry wall and it got so heavy that it fell through to my bed!  Thankfully, I was not injured when the ceiling fell through.  SERVPRO of North Oakland County came through for me.  They cleaned up the mess and also rebuilt my ceiling.  Thank you so much!  - Sharon G. in Southfield, MI

SERVPRO of North Oakland County was fantastic! They responded immediately to our emergency request (we had water in the basement after a heavy rain). They were at my house that day to assess the damage and begin the cleanup. They also followed-up with us over the next week or so to make sure everything remained in good shape even after they left. We would highly recommend them after storms and rain in your basement.

On August 11th, 2014 metro Detroit had an epic rainfall and I was one of many thousands of people who were effected. I had 6" of water in my basement and didn't know what to do. I called a friend and they referred me to SERVPRO of North Oakland County. Not only did they save me from many hours of cleanup, they saved many personal belongings that I had because of their quick action. They were very professional, timely and most importantly... receptive to my needs. The water extraction, the drying out, the de-humidification... everything was solid. I highly recommend Zach and his team. Thank you!!

In Feb of 2016 multiple pipes burst and we had 2-3 inches of water in our basement. We contacted SERVPRO for emergency help and they responded immediately. They arrived shortly after to secure the basement and prevented the damage from getting worse.     I wanted to extend our thanks to the entire SERVPRO team once again.  They were prompt and diligent and I would highly recommend their services from mitigation to full restoration.

Imagine your worst nightmare of coming home from a week long vacation to a flooded basement! That is exactly what my wife and I came home to last week and I couldn't be happier that Zach and his team at SERVPRO were my first phone call. They took a very stressful situation and made it as easy and straight forward to the homeowner as possible. Even at the late hour I was impressed with how fast a team was at my house to start working and take care of the situation at hand. The SERVPRO team members that were onsite were both knowledgeable and polite and explained the entire process so we felt comfortable with everything going on. They did a fantastic job and made sure our home and belongings were cared for as best as possible. I would not recommend any other company than SERVPRO of North Oakland County if you have a nightmare of your own that you need help with. 

I cannot speak highly enough of Zach and his SERVPRO team! I called him first thing in the morning after my newly finished basement had flooded. Zach told me he’d send a team out right away and he did! They arrived minutes later!! His team was professional, knowledgeable and worked very efficiently to get my basement cleaned and most importantly saved! Simply put, I would recommend them to any one who ever was dealing with a home catastrophe!

We could not be happier with the service we received from SERVPRO of North Oakland County this past February! We woke up one morning to find several inches of water in our basement. My wife called SERVPRO in a panic. SERVPRO responded quickly and professionally. They detailed out exactly what services would take place, explained the estimated costs (which were incredibly reasonable!) and we were immediately added to the schedule. Very surprisingly, a team was at our house to start the clean-up process not long after our first call. SERVPRO was simply amazing. We would never choose another company after such a great experience. SERVPRO is #1 by far! 

Zach and his team from SERVPRO were phenomenal. They arrived almost immediately after I called them (at 11pm on a Monday) with water gushing from my roof into the living room and went to work immediately. They assured me that everything would be handled and that they would take it from there to work with my insurance company. They went above and beyond. The whole cleanup process was fast and thorough. Everything with insurance went smooth as well.  I would highly recommend SERVPRO of North Oakland County!